I. Lewis Libby: ?I, Convicted Felon?

We all know that George W. Bush has incredible gall.  Here’s a man who as president of the United States flew in a fighter jet to an aircraft carrier that was moored about a block away from shore, jumped out of the plane in a crotch-enhancing flight suit, and proudly proclaimed that he had won his Iraq war when in truth he had won nothing but disgrace. 

Here’s a president who is so dry-drunk he cannot pronounce words with more than two syllables.  Here is a man so imperious  that he thought it was his right – through some sort of sick royal succession – to take his father’s place in the Oval Office someday even though he was absent without leave most of the last two years he was escaping service in Vietnam by joining the Texas Air National Guard, not even participating in it – and then, illegally covering it up with the help of men who must have somehow gained from their misprision of that felony.

Mr. Bush has also pardoned untold numbers of “normal” criminals during his six years in office – so why not Libby?

Of course he’s going to pardon him.  The question is when?  It is well known around the innermost circles in the White House that if he doesn’t pardon Libby, the President might have to contend with Libby’s own “revelations” about Mr. Bush, Mr. Cheney, and Ms. Rice – disclosures that would make Stalin blush. 

Even if this is not true, Bush seems the type who would pardon Libby just to throw it in the face of the American people  like the punk adolescent he is:  “There – see, I did it – I pardoned him – what’re you gonna do about it?”

The White House is already setting this up.  First they have weepy Bush spokesmodel Dana Perino tell the press with respect to the possibility that the President may pardon Mr. Libby,  “The president has not intervened so far in this or any other criminal matter, so he’s going to decline to do so now as well.”

But read between the other lines and puke.  

See the ‘leaders of the free world’ – now and former American officials all – mock the trial courts and the rule of law, building pity for poor Scooter Libby even as they attempt to instill respect for that same rule of law and the judicial process in millions of Iraqi citizens who don’t care about it and who just want to life in peace.

Here is what the wonderful and celebrated power-people inside our government have stated about “poor Mr. Libby’s predicament”

  • Mr. Bush expressed sympathy for Mr. Libby and his family.
  • More than a few Republican White House advisers, speaking anonymously, said were mystified as to why Mr. Bush seemed reluctant to pardon Mr. Libby.
  • “He has fallen from public grace,” Mr. Wells, an officer of the court and Libby’s defense lawyer told the court his actor’s voice diminishing to a whisper. “It is a tragic fall.”
  • Of course, Vice President Cheney made sure we all knew that “Scooter” was appealing his guilty verdict and said that he and his wife (no angel herself), Lynne, “hope that our system will return a final result consistent with what we know of this fine man.”

Peculiar, is it not, that neither Bush nor Cheney were among the more than 150 people who wrote the convicted felon Libby “letters of support.”   I suppose they want “nothing in writing” – everything deniable as usual.

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