Musharraf Seems Bent on Digging His Own Political Grave

Now he’s after television, the Internet and other private communication channels

May 6, 2007 – LONDON ( –  On March 18th I wrote that Pakistani President General Pervez “Perv” Musharraf – bosom war buddy of Condi Rice, George W. Bush, and Dick Cheney – was “toast”.

Musharraf, still in protracted and humiliating arguments with the Pakistani legal community, has stepped up his reduction in importance by ordering the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) to block publications including email and suspend the licenses of any company which is “deemed” in violation of PEMRA regulations.  He included authority for PEMRA to seize computer and electronic equipment and to close buildings housing the unfortunate violators.

I suppose he read my May article. 

I am waiting now for my computer to be seized and my home sealed off forever more.

“Mushy” a.k.a. “Perv” is simply freaking out.  Recent news stories report that he has also met with his National Security Council to see “what could be done” about his nation in crisis – a crisis of citizens opposing not only him but his continuing military, and some say neo-Nazi, rule.

Of course everything a despot does when his reign is ‘near the end’ always works against him.

For Perv it’s no different. 

He has cut himself off from trustworthy advisors from the powerful Pakistan Muslim League (PML) and instead is listening to close friends who are not generally the best political advisors on earth – by the way, this includes Karl Rove and President Bush.

One thing Mushy has going for him is that he conveniently controls the military. This is why he is called President General.  A few days ago he had a pop-meeting of his top generals where he demanded that they swear allegiance to him.  It seems they all did – but then, who knows what they were really thinking.  Perv also controls the very political party he is ignoring – the PML. It is reliant on him for power.

Get this: during the meeting with top Pakistani brass, Musharraf began to criticize his fellow uniformed rulers for dominating the nation.  He attempted to frighten them telling them that opposition forces in Pakistan wanted to get rid of them as well as him.

You might wonder why General Musharraf is turning on his generals.  The reason is not what you might guess.  No, he does not really care that the military has a stranglehold on the Pakistani economy. What he cares about is that everyone in Pakistan now knows the breadth and depth of their power thanks to Ayesha Siddiqa who wrote a book recently exposing them.

Perv tried to torpedo the book and it is now rumored that his secret service is all over the top military analyst saying she is spreading lies and had become and enemy of the state.

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