Wolfowitz ?Resigns? ? But Bank Staff says ?Get out Now!?

World Bank Employees Enraged Ever Executive Board Whitewash
Special to APJ: secret staff demands!

May 18, 2007 – Zurich (apj.us) – Many of you might not be interested or have yet not had the chance to read the statements made by the World Bank Executive Directors pertaining to Paul Wolfowitz’s resignation as President of the Bank yesterday where he has agreed to leave at the end of June 2007.

It appears he will be long gone before the end of June.
Yesterday, after meeting on the Executive Director Statements and statements made in Wolfowitz’s parting remarks, the slightly-known but forever courteous World Bank Staff Association released the following statement to “members only”:

World Bank
Staff Association Update
May 17, 2007

Welcome though it is, the President’s resignation is not acceptable under the present arrangement. It completely undermines the principles of good governance and the principles that the staff fight to uphold. Staff of the WBG, Board of Governors, Executive Directors and staff cannot rebuild an institution’s reputation under such an agreement.

The staff of the World Bank have waited – patiently – for nearly six weeks, trusting that the Board of Directors would reach a solution that reflects the Development Committee's statement of April 15th.

In this statement, the Board of Governors charged the Executive Directors "to ensure that the Bank can effectively carry out its mandate and maintain its credibility and reputation as well as the motivation of its staff."

Given the comprehensive report by the Ad Hoc Group (on May 14, 2007), we are shocked by the statement from the Board today which represents a full reversal of their own findings and fails to meet the fiduciary responsibility placed on them by the Bank's Governors.

If the Board’s decision cannot be reversed, then we ask the Board to ensure that between now and June 30th, the following measures are implemented immediately:

• Place Mr. Wolfowitz on Administrative Leave

• Appoint an acting-President to manage the institution and to make day-to-day decisions

• Follow Bank procedures regarding protection of documents, records, access to electronic files, and all Bank resources

• In addition, we believe that in order to protect staff and safeguard against any retaliation, the Board should also ensure that Mr. Wolfowitz is prevented from making any decisions affecting the work of the Bank or its staff.

We will press the Board to answer the staff's justified concerns regarding their statement.

I did read the statements of the Executive Directors and Mr. Wolfowitz – and to be honest, I was shocked that the Board has decided to whitewash the penetrating and humiliating report regarding Wolfowitz and his lover Riza for whom he arranged an outrageous position with the State Department – paid for by the World Bank – including raises and promotion guarantees that would make Enron executives blush.

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