In Case You Did Not Notice, Musharraf is Toast

So much for Condi, Dick and George W. Bush

ZURICH – Can you imagine just how uncomfortable it is to be Tony Snow, a man who rose from his hospital bed to “serve his president” with a litany of lies sure to lose his place in heaven, if his stint at Fox News didn’t do him in already. 

Now Snow will have to begin lying about Perv Musharraf who former Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif called “a gone man” yesterday. 

I’ve been telling you that the “President General” would be gone pretty quickly and that his puppet brother Mr. Maliki was also running on empty in Baghdad.

Now the pigs are coming to roost – or is that chickens?

Every minute Musharraf is losing more power.  It is simply now a matter of time before his sorry neck is on the block in Peshawar or worse, and that he’s granted asylum in Texas, hopefully near a better hair stylist.

First the Pakistani military much like the Turks are tiring of Musharraf’s shenanigans and have begun to tell outsiders that the President has simply “gotten out of hand” even though Musharraf supposedly is its commander in chief.

If only this could happen in Washington – Peter Pace are you reading?

The Bush Administration is now publicly trying to distance themselves from Mr. Musharraf even though hoping against hope he will survive until Mr. Bush can find a face-saving way to get American troops out of Iraq. 

After watching Maliki of Iraq, and the creepy caped crusader Karzai from Afghanistan, President Bush isn’t sure of any of these Cheney hand picked marionette “leaders” in the region.  So someone with brains at 1600 Pennsylvania has prepared – at least a bit – not to rely any longer on any single leader in any country.

Who will replace Musharraf  is the question.  The military is the dominant force in Pakistan, but some think that international pressure will not allow the Pakistani army to take over the government. 

I suggest Paul Wolfowitz.

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