Paulie War-nuts: Wolfowitz Show His True Guttersnipe Colors

Maybe the F-word will terrify his "enemies."

May 16, 2007 – ZURICH ( – Here are some remarks that Paul Wolfowitz, president of the World Bank, and architect of the Iraq War made when it became apparent that his little “F” fest with gal-pal and hound Shaha Riza, a Middle Eastern “jelly belly dancer” who now works for one of the Cheney children, was turning into a scandal that will eventually force tiny Paul out of the bank and into the shredder of history sooner than he thought. 

According to evidence sworn to by Xavier Coll, Chief of Human Resources at the World Bank who supplied bank investigators with his notes and annotations of a meeting held with Mr Wolfowitz in 2006, Paulie War-nuts showed which side of the tracks his was born to.

Coll’s notes unswervingly contradict Mr Wolfowitz's own affirmations to the Bank Board and the details of Shaha Riza's huge and magical increase in income shared with senior bank officials.  In fact, Mr. Wolfowitz “negotiated” her ridiculously high salary directly with the White House – and circumvented any way to move her from under him (pun intended) and out of the Bank to another cushy government job.

Coll's notes read:

"At the end of the conversation Mr Wolfowitz became increasingly agitated and said that he was 'tired of people … attacking him' and 'you should get your friends to stop it'. Mr Wolfowitz said, 'If they “F” me or Shaha, I have enough on them to “F” them too'."

Wolfie then named several senior bank officials he felt were susceptible to blackmail.

Frankly, I cannot wait for Wolfowitz to either reveal what he has that will “F” these officials, or to find out if and how much the Bank will pay him to go away.

It will be one of the other.

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