Deceitful Democrats: Unacceptable

Game-playing Is Not Why They Were Elected


So the Democrats passed a bill calling for a schedule to get our children, fathers, brothers, uncles and friends out of Iraq that forced Mr. Bush to veto it – the usual empty threat.

Anyone who reads my columns knows what I think of Mr. Bush: a nice numbskull puppeteered by Dick Cheney, and God only knows who and what else.

However, does the Democrat leadership think we Americans are stupid?

You are darn right they do.

Just like Republicans, they believe they can and do fool all the people, all the time.

Shame on them – especially on the current gaggle of Democrat Senators running for President who allowed this bill to go forward knowing all the time that their bleating about forcing the President into a compromise and little secret meetings with them in the White House was nothing more than pap. 

Shame on them – And that includes them all.

The so-called Democrat leaders of this nation should have voted the bill down because it was nothing more then media masturbation. 

Instead, they should have come together and penned articles of impeachment against this Administration instead of telling us that they "have no intention" to bring Mr. Bush, Mr. Cheney and others to justice for what I see as Murder One.

What was the point of wasting our time and more money on the adolescent theatrics that werethis lifeless bill when Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Reid, the leaders of the House and Senate respectively, not only knew they could not override a White House veto, but announced it themselves even before the bill was debated?

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