In the Wake of Cho Seung Hui

The religious appearances were, however, unsettling. The Christian pastor of the Virginia Tech who involed Jesus introduced a Muslim Imam who spoke in the Name of Allah; a Jew and a Buddhist spoke as well. All this theatrics, I have to assume, were calculated to put a finger in the dyke of racism that might erupt on the Virginia campus against Koreans.  Naturally, it is not politically correct for me to question this gang of preachers, so I won't.  Their defense is clear.  There are students who were threatened and/or killed from all those religious backgrounds.

The Muslim Imam, who made a wonderful speech, should know that millions of warmongers and journalists like Don Rumsfeld and Richard Perle were sitting at home as the tragic news was broadcast, chanting over and over again, "Please, Jesus! Let the shooter be a Muslim, Let the shooter be a Muslim!"  Bet on it.

What amazed me was that Paul Wolfowitz and Attorney General Gonzalez did not show,  Both are teetering on expulsion from power – what's wrong with them and their PR advisors?

We don't yet know much about Cho – a South Korean-born legal resident alien who massacred so many so thoughtlessly and with such malice – but the simple truth is that some people are simply insane, and certainly, by anyone's definition – be it DSM-IV or Joe Six-pack – Cho was a blooming maniac.

And that's about all one can surmise from this terrible event even though you will see and hear them try – endlessly.