Pundid Pap: Wolf Blitzer’s Sympathy for the Neocon Devil

Satan look-alike and Iraq apologist Richard Perle shows the world, thanks to CNN, that he is still full of lies.

April 16, 2007 — Zurich (apj.us) — Blessedly, when I am out of the country, I miss live broadcasts of Meet the Press and This Week – the Campbell’s Soup of pundit talk. 

The only pundit chat I do get to see each Sunday is Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer. You remember Wolf – the fellow that made his name bashing Hillary, Bill and Chelsea Clinton and loving every minute.

Regardless, Blitzer is the only choice unless one wants to listen to the idiots phoning into C-SPAN bleating about how wonderful the network is to allow absolute lunatics to state their case on the airwaves.  I wonder if these people ever think about how controlled C-SPAN is and how it broadcasts, almost non-stop, the ravings of members of Congress speaking to an audience of none.

So here I was, sitting on the couch and waiting to see how ol' Blitzer would treat the (dismal) goings-on in Iraq and the almost-sure-to-happen beheading of Paul Wolfowitz after he made a $200,000 dollar a payment to his gal pal in the form a job with the United States government.

Blitzer’s show was largely boring, as usual. The highlights are always clips from other people’s shows – including a great clip of that sputtering dimwit Dick Cheney who, still living, infects our television sets now and then before crawling back to his heart-monitored cave.

My eyes popped when Blitzer announced that one of his guests is to be Richard Perle – who along with Mr. Wolfowitz shoved this filthy war in Iraq down our throats – and profited from it as well.

Blitzer – the first name in hiding-behind-his-beard candy-ass broadcasting – had the gall to treat Perle with respect – something this thug does not deserve and which taints our and our children’s perception of reality, which is something Blitzer loves to do.

Richard Perle is a monomaniacal bastard who is now as disgraced as anyone in government has been during the past 100 years – but here’s ol' Wolfie treating him as if he was the Pontiff. 

One would think Blitzer might be trying to line up for morbidly obese human box turtle Roger Ailes's job at FOX News.

Hard hitting questions from Wolf were nowhere to be found. How about this opener?

BLITZER: Will this surge work?

PERLE: I certainly hope so. It's terribly important for our country, for the people of Iraq, for the world, because if it fails, if we are driven out of Iraq, we will see another kind of surge, a surge in recruitment for Al Qaeda and terrorists around the world who want to destroy…

Okay. So what would someone with a functioning brain say to that?

How about this:

Mr. Perle, every expert on the region reports that there has been a tidal wave of terrorist recruitment because of the Iraq invasion. Do you actually believe – in your pea-brained mind – that it’s really the opposite? And do you really think the people of Iraq are happy with the state of a nation where not a soul can walk the streets – day or night – without saying goodbye to his or her family as they leave home?  And what in the wide, wide worls of sports do you mean when you say “driven out” – don’t you think that most occupying forces finally leave the countries they have conquered?

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