The Bush 007 Squad in Iran

You Won't Hear This on CNN, But America Niggles Iran with Death
A Fun Bondian Try at Regime "Adjustment" in Iran: "My name is Dick… Dick Cheney"

March 5, 2007 — Geneva ( — A couple of years ago I was at an office building in Tehran visiting a colleague who worked for Daimler-Chrysler in Iran. It was very hot day in August.  As my associate and I shook hands an explosion shook the building.  Someone had planted a small bomb, which did little damage and injured no one.  A security specialist I know connected this bomb – obviously aimed at U.S., British, and German tenants in the building – to a burgeoning “anti-regime” movement in Islamic “no-fun”-damentalist Iran.

It turned out this explosive device was voice activated and positioned in a small garbage can on the tenth or eleventh floor of the building – I cannot recall which.

Whether or not this bomb was set off by someone goosing the Iranian government was not clear to me, though the blast occurred just as British-led France and Germany threatened Iran if it did not stop its nuclear program.

The timing was right – but the “action” seemed pitifully obvious and a mere pimple on the back of big-splash terrorism.

A source recently reminded me that even Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, then the new president of Iran, would not be brainless enough to set off a bomb at that thorny time especially one that was apparently aimed at Western interests.  Instead, she suggested, the bomb was most likely placed by some insurgent  group in Iran that was attempting to bring pressure on the regime – making Americans and Europeans at least able to claim that Tehran itself was now targeting western businesses in its capital.

My brain switched on and started flashing, “the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of this action!” Maybe a Cheney-friendly faction at the CIA – or, more likely, Doug Feith's Special Plans” outfit at the Pentagon – was already active and having fun at Tehran’s expense!

In June that same year, four bombs went off in the crude-filled province of Khuzestan as well – targeting government buildings and specific officials in this Southwestern region of Iran where the majority of Arabs oppose the regime.

That same day another small bomb went off in yet another garbage can in a crowded area of Tehran.

The next day, two bombs detonated – again, in the garbage cans exploded in Southeastern Iran.

A month later, one Arab television outlet showed a video from some group called the “Organization of God’s Soldiers for Sunni Mujahideen in Iran” (OGSMI) which showed in full detail the beheading of an Iranian security officer.

Later that month riots began in Khuzestan – and set off by Arab separatists in the southwest.

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