Pundit Pap: Sunday Gasbaggery at NBC

What Meet the Press Told Us This Sunday

It’s a good thing Orrin Hatch is a Christian, because otherwise God only knows where this fine Mormon Senator’s near homicidal rage, on copious view today, might have led him.

Orrin is simply outraged, outraged, I tell you, about the cheap political theatrics of Democrats in their totally unjustified attack on the Bush administration’s dismissal of those eight US Attorneys.

But Orrin Hatch’s ire isn’t the most important piece of information we received this morning.

No, more’s the pity.

It was the master pundit papist himself, lil’ Timmeh — and trust me, the man never looked smaller, from which we learned the most important lesson: that today the SCLM, unlike the entire eight years of the Clinton administration, is completely uninterested in understanding the multiple real scandals of the Bush administration, in contrast to the imagined and often made-up travails of the previous administration to which they paid unending attention without ever getting anything right, and yet, still to this very day, refer to them as "the Clinton scandals."

Let me explain:

Russert framed the entire discussion as being about AG Gonzales — would he resign, should he resign, did he lie — thus accepting the White House frame that the only problem with what has taken place vis-à-vis the Justice Department is the regrettable mishandling of communication that resulted in the fact that inaccurate information was given to Congress, although the subject of that false information, how and why those eight USAs came to be fired, should be considered self-evidently justified.

Even though one of the clips of Kyle Sampson’s testimony touched on the issue of the refusal of several of these US Attorney’s to bow to GOP pressure and speed up investigations into so-called Democratic voter fraud to make sure that Republicans could use the fact of an investigation to help win an upcoming election, the implications of this politicizing of the entire DOJ remained untouched throughout the segment.

Here was Russert’s opening question to Pat Leahy:

Senator Leahy, a very serious question: do you believe the chief law enforcement official in this country, the attorney general, has lied?

And don’tcha love that “serious person?”

Now I love Senator Leahy, truly I do. But he isn’t the best Democrat at getting across a compelling narrative to an audience. I suppose he still gives someone like Russert the benefit of the doubt, which may be why the good Senator didn’t use that first answer to widen the frame of the discussion. Instead, he made clear that whatever word you used to describe the AG’s statements to the congress, that true and factual were not among them.

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