Attorney General Alberto Gonzales Lied — So What Else Is New?

Jeff Koopersmith thinks there is a more urgent priority than removing the hapless Alberto Gonzales.

March 29, 2007 — Washington, DC ( — Much of the nation is again up in arms about Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales – so much so that the David Johnston of the New York Times seems to think it was important to tell us that Gonzales “endured blunt criticism Tuesday from federal prosecutors who questioned the firings of eight United States attorneys, complained that the dismissals had undermined morale and expressed broader grievances about his leadership, according to people briefed on the discussion.”

I must say this: anyone who knows anything about Washington is aware that federal prosecutors — even federal judges — are appointed first because they are loyal to the sitting president, and second because they might be, just might be, well qualified. 

The same is often true of most every appointment that any President makes — including all the undersecretaries, the cabinet (of course), and many United States Ambassadors. If you want to be the United States Ambassador to France, just raise millions of dollars for the next president.  If you prefer the Caribbean, you can have it for a check — maybe $250,000 spread out among several state party candidates. 

It’s just the way the game is played.

Whether or not you are bothered that a group of prosecutors were selected to be canned because they didn’t meet the Karl Rove acid test (Mr. Rove being the Svengali that actually runs the country), this fuss is largely politics fighting politics; Democrat vs. Republican — back to the trenches and all that.

Frankly, who cares?

Gonzales has had to stoop now to play the “race card.” He is running around the country talking to Mexican-American sewing circles, hiding from the media and his employees — who evidently hijacked him in Chicago the other day to complain about the “mood” in the Justice Department. 

People working in the DoJ are all of a sudden worried they might be fired because they don’t push Neoconservative ideals. 

Well, they should be. Prosecutors are not judges who serve for life barring some embarrassing revelation — for example, being exposed as a child molester, or, worse yet, a Democrat.  That’s the way the law is written. 

Every prosecutorial appointee knows he or she serves almost at the whim of the President and his staff.  Those that were fired unfairly should not have been stupid enough to think that they served because they "made law review.They should have written a check for the full amount the Bush and Cheney campaign — every year — to protect their well-educated asses. If not, their tenure is a crap shoot (pardon the pun).

Many have their jobs because they raised lots of money, or walked a thousand precincts for Bush, or worked hard on the presidential campaign in their home towns.  It is the spoils system in action, a system which survives today much as it has everywhere on earth for the past 5,000 some odd years.

So Democrats, stop your whining.  Soon, if you are elegant, you will have control of the Oval Office for four or eight years — and perhaps even more.  Then you can pack the Attorney General’s staff with as many “proper thinking” Democratic prosecutors as there is room.

Maybe Gonzales did lie about participating or knowing that the group of non-conforming prosecutors was going to get Rove’s ax.  Maybe he didn’t. 

If you think men and women in politics never lie, you had better buy the entire collection of “Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood” DVDs and watch them nonstop for a few years.

And a final word to Democrats in Congress: if you want to do something important, forget Al Gonzales. Go after Karl Rove.

There is no longer any doubt: he, not hapless Alberto, is the most dangerous man in America.

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