More Lies From Condolleeza Rice

Now the focus is on North Korea, the "Iraq" of the East

March 6, 2007 — Lugano ( — If you doubt that Condoleezza Rice and the rest of her rat pack in the White House are not the most practiced liars on earth, then I urge you to take a look at what will be seeping into the sewer we call Congress this week with respect to North Korea and Ms. Rice's so-called "successful" negotiations to stop Pyongyang from launching a nuclear attack on San Francisco — as she would have had us believe a few months ago.

Secretary Rice and her people are, to cut to the chase, prevaricators extraordinaire — and again raises that most disturbing question concening just what else they are lying about today and what will they lie about tomorrow.

For five long years Ms. Rice, first as the National Security Adviser, and now as the Secretary of State (God help us), has been accusing North Korea of building atomic bombs using enriched uranium. 

In 2002, Mr. Bush, Mr. Cheney and Ms Rice decided to further hasten North Korea's nuclear projects by cutting off its oil supply.  Kim responded by throwing out inspectors, allegedly producing their first plutonium bomb and testing it last year, although there are some reports that the North Korean A-Bomb was a sham — which is not in truth important to this discussion unless you believe, say, that Mr. Bush might lie about such things as weapons of mass destruction.

The truth is that America succeeded in pushing North Korea to hasten its production of nuclear weapons ,much as Rice and Bush are doing now with Iran.

Out of the blue, during the past month, the CIA, NSA, and other intelligence agencies are changing their story — or, more accurately, "changing" the story the White House gave you before it confronted and punished North Korea in 2002.  Now these wizards of dirty secrets tell the Congress and others that they doubt whether North Korea has truly progressed on their uranium enrichment program anywhere near to what Mr. Bush told the world five years ago.

As with Iraq, it appears the White House simply made up the story about the North Korean nuclear program and will now blame this, in an act that establishes a clear pattern, on "poor intelligence" upon which it relied from the CIA and other intelligence units.

What is unforgivable is that newsrooms, including that of the New York Times, are buying this pap, still writing things like:

The disclosure underscores broader questions about the ability of intelligence agencies to discern the precise status of foreign weapons programs.

Why not write that the "disclosures" make clear that the Bush Administration may have simply sat around the White House and lied in order to push their war(s) on terror down our throats?

There seems not to be a single truth-teller either in the media or the Congress that dares call a duck a duck, a liar a liar.

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