Why Al Jazeera Is Not Taken Seriously

Their coverage of the Iranian Holocaust "Conference" is but one example

Dec. 19, 2006 — Lugano (apj.us) — While in Europe, I have the opportunity to watch Al Jazeera television for an hour or so nearly every evening.

I must say that the coverage Al Jazeera gives to the Middle East and, of course, the war in Iraq and the Palestinian/Israeli headknocking is biased.

While Al Jazeera attempts to be fair and complete in its coverage — and some of the time it is — it makes the key mistake of favoring the craziest Arab perspectives rather than the objective one.

Al Jazeera is the FOX News of Middle East television news, and no matter how the 'white guys” feeding at the Doha trough try to explain their involvement with it, they make no more sense than does Alan Colmes defending the fact that he rarely takes an aggressive stance as FOX's residebt liberal against Neoconservative con man Sean "The Uneducated" Hannity.

Here is a prime example: Al Jazeera gave sizable coverage to a two-day so-called "conference" titled "Review of the Holocaust: Global Vision" that was instigated by wildly unpopular Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who perpetually wears a three-day-old beard and a bus driver's jacket reminiscent of that worn by Jackie Gleason on "The Honeymooners" and who publicly questions the scale of the Holocaust and describes the death of six million Jews at the hands of Nazis and Nazi sympathizers 'a myth” used to rationalize the survival of Israel and the repression of Palestinians.

Al Jazeera also gave extensive "e-print" coverage to the conference on their English website.

Be sure to go to the site and check out the pictures — and the often shocking and intentionally provocative, eliminationist "comments" left by readers.

Arab ignorance over the circumstances of Israel's founding is overwhelming — but then again, most Arabs are suffocating under cruel dictatorships, have no ability to attend universities or even high schools, are fed a 24/7 diet of of state- and or Islamist-controlled media, and have no way to glean truth for themselves. Instead, they are forced to listen to imbecilic religionist lunatics like Ahmadinejad and so-called Islamic "scholars," or worse yet attend Madrassas where they learn "why" they should murder Westerners while killing themselves. Trusting "the Arab Street" is akin to relying on Condoleezza Rice to tell you the best way to end violence between Hamas and Fatah in the Palestinian Territories — or how to interpret Beethoven's Pathétique Sonata on her piano.

So let's get this straight: Jew-hating Arabs claim it is a fact that 6 million Jews were NOT killed during World War II. They seem not to claim that "no Jews" were killed, just not 6 million.

So, what are the numbers, Mr. Ahmadingbat?

Is it 2 million?

4 million?

A few thousand?

Were the death lists kept carefully by concentration camp staffs and now part of the Holocaust Archive stored at Bad Arolsen just dreamed up? Were the missing person reports filed by millions of Jewish families during and after World War II also a figment of our or their imaginations?

Setting out to prove that fewer than six million Jews were killed during WWII is tantamount to arguing that a murderer cannot be indicted as a "serial killer" unless he has killed at least eleven people — five or six bodies just wouldn't cut it.

The most bothersome issues here are that:

  1. the nation of Israel was created by law — not by the Nazis — in the wake of the Holocausts — and there were more than one, and not just in Germany but in Eastern Europe, France and other nations too humiliated to admit it today (try Romania for example);
  2. Arabs have been pursuing and murdering Jews — because of their religion alone — for centuries. Jews once controlled much of the Middle East by population size and religious adherence alone — now they are down to a country the size of a slice of pizza; and
  3. there are dozens of nations that have been created through war treaty and/or international law. Does this mean they all have a right to "get back their land?"

If so, why hasn't Mexico declared war on the United States of late? Can one even imagine the urban warfare, terrorism, and hand to hand combat that would occur over Mexican border towns? Insurgent hookers and drug dealers would create IEDs out of piñatas for sure.

Lest you think I am ignoring the fact, I do know that Arabs and Jews have lived peacefully together for centuries as well. One need only look at the history of Iran — ironically — or Morocco to see this. Syria too hosted many Jews — but even in these countries, anti-Semitism was always alive and deadly well.

So. President Ahmadinejad, the Holocaust is not the only reason the world gave Israel that little bit of land on the Mediterranean. Perhaps the real reason was to get them off the international conscience and give Jews somewhere to go — other than to other nations.

After all, isn't that what you Arabs did to the Palestinians? #

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