Who In Hell Is Tammy Bruce?

What is funny about Ms. Bruce's commentary here is that she claims "we" the nation were waiting with baited breath to find out the names of these two murderers.

"We" weren't. I really don't see what the two psychos' actual names had to do with anything.

What "we" were waiting for was to know the police got their men and that we were safe to go to the Social Safeway in Georgetown without getting shot. The "names" of the two had little or no news value at all save for their family, friends and acquaintances who were hurt by the news. No one else cared, and if one launched a poll today perhaps 0.2% of the American public would be able to name one of them — let alone both.

Bruce then naively suggests that CNN should be watching FOX News Channel. She is so patently ill-informed that she does not know that CNN always watches FOX, CNBC, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, BBC World, Al Jazeera, Reuters, Associate Press — and all their wires, all the time.

By the way, Ms. Bruce — FOX watches CNN. That's just standard best practice stuff. Are you a moron, or a paid hateful little nobody who picks up a paycheck from the likes of Richard Mellon Scaife or his toadies?

For some reason Ms. Bruce wants us to know that Aaron Brown's high school nickname was "Skippy," claiming the name "reeks of nothingness." That's a strange thing for a "nobody" to say, especially a lesbian nobody who should know the repulsiveness of hate-filled name-calling all too well.

Ms. Bruce also conveniently forgets the demographics that FOX News Channel relies upon for its high ratings: the masses of do-nothing Americans that populate the rust, corn, and porn belts of America, the dumbest of the dumb Americans who spend time sullying their double-wides and drinking 2.6 cases of cheap beer each week before and after beating up their wives and kids. Roger Ailes — a master of Hitler's Big Lie Theory — knows who to suck up to, John Locke's Masses of Asses.

I imagine that Ms. Bruce will also appeal to the holier-than-thou televangelist clique — until, of course, they find out she's a lesbian and is proud of it. Then they'll probably be calling for her lynching.

Even more embarrassing is Bruce's own stupidity. She tells us that Rita Cosby broke the "news" regarding the sniper's names to van Susteren — but then goes on to say that Greta van Susteren "stunned" the TV world (the TV "world"?) by "rocketing" to number one in a time slot that competes with nothing — including Aaron Brown on CNN. She quotes — of all co-morons — Matt Drudge (is he still alive?), conveniently forgetting not only that FOX fired Drudge for being an incredible ass but that Drudge is also one of the most untrustworthy pseudo-writers in America.

Bruce goes on to call Aaron Brown "Ted Baxter on valium", which she does not capitalize as a brand name nor "r" as a registered trademark — something Roche Products, Inc. could sue her over.

She calls Brown's demeanor "golly-gee" — but forgets to mention that she poses as a spokesperson for Democrats when in fact she's a card carrying shill for hate peddlers with neither liberal bona fides nor progressive credentials nor Democrat documentation either. Ms. Bruce is either a petty streetwalker for the right or a junior high school malefactor with absolutely no grip on reality. In some circles she might be described as a sociopath.

Bruce is so inconsequential in fact that she picks on CNN for asking what Brown's Jamaican citizenship had to do with his murderous criminality — especially when that criminality has not yet been established. Remember, even though the evidence presented to us suggests strongly that Malvo and Muhammad are guilty, we still live in a land of laws… or do we? Has Ms. Bruce heard of innocent until proven guilty? Perhaps not — especially since she supports van Susteren.

Bruce claims that "everyone" else "gets" why it's important that Malvo comes from Jamaica. Gee, I don't get it — and I've had eight years of postgraduate education and have spent 30 years in Washington, New York and Los Angeles.

Let me guess… is it because he's black? Is it because Jamaicans enjoy their Ganja? Is it because Jamaica is the spawning ground for Al Qaeda members? Stupid people? Angry people? Suspicious, angry black people with accents? From a sniper proving ground?

What is it, Ms. Bruce? I just can't guess.

Oh, I do get it! It's because we Americans are small-minded and bigoted!

Bruce doesn't waste a moment conveying her narrow-mindedness and hatred for Muslims. She claims that Aaron Brown "exposed himself" as a "man" (I find the choice of the word "man" interesting because of her sexual persuasion) that wanted to save "us" from our racist, Muslim-hating selves."

Yet she does not go on to say that she is not a racist Muslim-hating cretin herself. Instead, she says "Yes, we learned once again, that a Muslim had probably murdered another bunch of people, with his illegal alien buddy."

Bruce piles one idiocy upon another writing that she has a right to "think critically" — but obviously having no idea what this means. She tells us that Roger Ailes would encourage "us" to decide for ourselves!

When I read that, I laughed out loud. This woman is beyond far-fetched.

Bruce implies that the nation "would view the world realistically, leaving you [Aaron Brown] all alone in your pit of nonjudgmental, morally vacuous, faux serenity."

Well, here's a wake up call for you, Tammy:

You are irrelevant.

You couldn't write your way out of Bob Jones University English 101.

You are repugnant.

You are not easy to look at, either (just don't ask Greta for advice on a decent plastic surgeon).

You are a disgrace to women everywhere, an embarrassment to lesbians everywhere, and a humiliation to the National Organization of Women — who unthinkingly elected you the president of their Los Angeles Chapter once upon a time.

Of course, your appearance on that scene marked the end of NOW's viability, did it not?

Talk about "Oops!"

It's you, Ms. Bruce, who are alone.

Most likely forever.

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