Way Up North in the Land of Dixie!

Jeff Koopersmith says it is time now for the nation to shudder in anticipaion of a pending "Ol' South" takeover of the United States.

Monday, Dec. 4, 2000 — WASHINGTON (APJ)

Bigots Galore!

I remember a friend of mine, a Republican being trained at the presidential level by Bill Brock's RNC, coming to my home one evening quite disturbed.

He told me that one of Brock's minions, one Dennis Whitfield, had been making some "light" racist comments in the "classroom" — nothing specific, but bad enough to worry my buddy. He was a fiscal conservative by birth but had strongly backed civil rights movements in college.

He told me that the magazine National Journal had been granted admittance to this RNC "Campaign College" for a day or two, to take a look at the high-tech, high-intensity, weeks-long training reserved for Senate and Presidential campaign management types of the Republican ilk.

My friend was such a person — running a moderate Republican for the Senate in a populous Northeastern state.

The day the National Journal team was to arrive, Whitfield got up and casually warned the group as if it were usual, "I don't want to hear any 'nigger', 'spick' of 'kike' comments while these writers are here."

While my friend had not heard many comments containing racial slurs, he had heard a few. He was particularly bothered by this because he had been raised in a Jewish home by liberal Democrat grandparents. Later, this friend would help the RNC with its "Outreach" program, which successfully recruited wealthy Jews to the Republican fold. While he had never heard Brock or Whitfield use a racial slur term, he was edgy.

"Am I doing the right thing?" he wondered. "Maybe I don't belong there."

Yet he rationalized his participation saying that perhaps he could make a difference from within.

That didn't happen — although he made valiant efforts for years.


Disintegration of the Soon-to-Be Ruling Class

Instead, magnified by the goings-on in Florida, we are witnessing the disintegration of the entire breadth and depth of work done between 1960 and 1980 to right the wrongs left over from the violence of the Civil War — a shameful state of affairs which had left blacks in the South largely unemployed, illiterate and in poverty for ten generations of American history.

You see, and you must see, that in the South, and in Florida — which is really more North than South — that blacks and other minorities (except for the Batista-loving fascist Cuban community in Miami) have been denied their right to vote, not only by perhaps innocent presentation of confusing ballots, but by fear and recrimination, lack of aid in interpreting ballots, and worse.

The Bush camp, which had expected the Democrats to begin with an assault relying on clear civil rights law violations, prepared too early for their defense of what they knew might be coming in Florida and throughout the South.

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