Will Reno Be Gored?

McInturff said that, "the tarnishing of Gore's image has already happened; the visit to the Buddhist temple will remain in people's minds. The question has been planted and it won't go away."

Yet voters polled on that subject don't care about the Buddhist temple fiasco and most believe Gore did not "conspire" to grab money from nuns and foreign Chinese "devils" as Fred Thompson would have you believe — despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary,

Linda DiVal, a GOP pollster I admire(d) , "saw negative fallout for Clinton, Gore and the Democrats in general," writes Broder, "The credibility of the attorney general is now in question," she said, "and that is as damaging to Clinton as John Mitchell's downfall was to Richard Nixon." Mitchell was the attorney general implicated in Watergate and imprisoned. "This has the potential to be a significant campaign issue next year," by "intensifying the anger of core Republicans against the whole Clinton administration," DiVal said, and raising the issue of political ethics "among women, moderates, suburbanites and other swing voters."

But even DiVal knows this is pap. Bill Clinton is made of Teflon and voters, especially women and suburbanites could care less about political infighting. They vote for him in droves and that vote for Gore in droves. Why do you think the Republicans are working so hard to crucify him? Soccer moms know Republican caca de toro when they see it. I'm surprised DiVal did not focus on the damage that a third party or independent candidate could do to both sides if properly financed.

Now that's an issue that only Ross Perot can take up – huh Linda?

Broder, who must have it out for Al Gore ends today's story with another quote from wanna-be-player McInturff — "Al Gore may be happy that this won't drag on for another three years, but he ought to remember that when Nixon rid himself of a special prosecutor, it started his downfall. Especially with the FBI director dissenting, this is huge."