Will Reno Be Gored?

Let's end with David S. Broder and Peter Baker of the Washington Post, who wrote today:

By declining to seek appointment of an independent counsel, Reno spared Clinton and Vice President Gore a potential disaster. But the controversy surrounding the financing of their 1996 campaign seems likely to dog Clinton for the remainder of his presidency and still threatens Gore's bid to succeed him.

Okay, so what? I disagree that Reno spared them a "disaster" I mean — Wake up Broder, the President and his men already have a half dozen "spooks" peering through their windows looking for dirt on a 24 hour a day schedule at $250 an hour. How big a disaster could just one more prosecutor be — especially looking into to those nasty, nasty phone calls?

As Broder points out himself, the President already finds himself the butt of at least 20 Republican led congressional "investigations" or lynch parties as Lott, and I, like to call them – but for far different reasons.

Broder, who you'd think was dating Ann McBride, even gave her a one-liner in today's Post story writing, "Within minutes of her announcement, Common Cause President Ann McBride upbraided Reno for "turning a deaf ear" to the head of the nation's premier law enforcement agency.

"Premier law enforcement agency." Whose words were those, Broder's or McBride's, and what do either of them fear form the FBI? It's pretty weird to think of Common Cause now rallying around the FBI when they have the "common" man in mind. Most people are afraid of secretive law enforcement agencies, and although their fear is misguided, if doesn't behoove McBride or Broder to sidle up to them. Or does it?

You be the judge.

Broder goes on, trying to convince us, "…Gore, more so than his boss, stood to suffer acute political damage regardless of the ultimate legal outcome. Previous independent counsel probes have dragged on for years, and this one surely would have lasted well until the presidential election season. Far beyond the immediate issue of the 40 telephone fund-raising solicitations Gore acknowledged making from his White House office, an outside probe would keep alive at least in the political arena the larger questions surrounding the tactics employed by the Clinton-Gore campaign to collect large sums of campaign cash."

So? Don't you read the Washington Post poll David? Americans don't care. They know the charges are trumped up by rabid Republicans hell-bent on capturing the White House so they can lease it to Dick Scaife.

Broder goes on to quote a bunch of nobody pollsters on Reno's decision and its impact on Gore's candidacy, but their comments are non-illuminating save for one – made by Bill McInturff whose star client was former Arizona governor J. Fife Symington III, who resigned after being convicted for filing fraudulent financial statements.

What a claim to fame.

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