Will Reno Be Gored?

Orrin Hatch, who has came pretty close to being an inmate himself , whines that Reno has now "changed her standards."

"In the past, she has said that any apparent conflict of interest will do," said Hatch. "But think about it — in Whitewater, Attorney General Reno concluded an independent counsel was needed because it would involve James MacDougal and other individuals involved with the president. It was simple back then."

Hatch conveniently forgets that after years of investigating and tens of millions of wasted dollars, Malibu Ken Starr has yet to find a single illegality on the part of the Clintons and in doing so makes Hatch looks foolish. Here is classic Orrin – making the opposing argument against himself. I'm sure he would have failed high school debating.

Here he is saying that Jim MacDougal was convicted and that's the reason Reno should compound her original mistake by launching a new multimillion dollar witch hunt on behalf of Hatch and his GOP cohorts. Why would he want another $50 million wasted on a yet a 7th special prosecutor?

Some real nutball groups which "monitor" fundraising and the political process got in their two cents as well . Ann McBride, spokes-bimbo of Scare Monger Group "Common Cause," which has five or six members, including the scholarly acting Baldwin Brothers, has called for an overhaul of campaign finance laws because no one would listen to any of their other sob stories. McBride, whose often referred to by congressional staff as "McLied,"said that the attorney general acted more like a defense counsel for the White House than a prosecutor.

That's a typical McBride statement. Bash the people on your side urging passage of your weak campaign finance legislation stalled, forever, in the Senate. McBride thinks she'll be a star come this Spring when the House takes up her and other losing side campaign finance bills. But in reality she'll be exposed as the spotlight-seeking dyed-blonde pseudointellectual she is, and will most likely be asked to leave by a frustrated membership of Common Cause who have seen their money dry up and wasted by McBrides personal crusade to control American politics – her way.

She said that Reno's efforts to narrowly interpret the law on the legality of the telephone solicitations made by Clinton and Gore was "an affront to the American people." Of course what would Ann know about the American people. She's a "limosineois' who hasn't got a political friend in the world — save the most ineffective.

Democrats were so quiet last night that you'd think Reno had indicted every donkey in the country. Senator Bob Torricelli made the only coherent statement defending Reno's decision, but it was not up to Torricelli par and not worth printing.

Two by-line journalists one well-known and the other unknown decided to trash Al Gore this morning – probably because they couldn't think of an angle to please muckraker-motivated readers.

The first, a writer with Reuters named Laurence ( With a "U" no less ) McQuillan led with "Battered by months of questions and controversy, Vice President Al Gore finally has won a key round in the fight for his political future — but the blows to his image still have him staggering."

You can almost hear the Stephen King background music.

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