Will Reno Be Gored?

Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA) suggested that legislative and legal action may follow. "I think you may have a response by Congress in a couple of directions. I think we may amend the independent statute to authorize the appointing court to put an independent counsel in, even if you have an attorney general who just overlooks the law and the facts," Specter said.

Hah. I wonder what that "court" would do about Specters own dubious financial entanglements? If anything, the congress will sunset the independent counsel statute – a shoo in if a Republican occupied 1600 Pennsylvania right now.

Specter also said an 'abuse of discretion' case could be made in court "to get an independent counsel appointed even though she refuses to do so."

Sure Arlen, and you're the best looking Senator in Washington — the world for that matter. Talk about judicial abuse – that would take the cake – Oh, sorry, that was a pun.

"It is no surprise what [Reno] has done," Specter sniveled. "You have to recognize that she owes her job to the president and she serves at his pleasure." Specter, on the other hand, owes his job to his wife's money and people who voted for Dick Nixon and still would.

Senator Charles "Chuck" Grassley (R-Iowa) said the spat between Reno and FBI Director Louis Freeh was a "public spectacle… a further blow to public confidence." Of course he forgot to mention that the public has nearly zero confidence in the Congress to which he's been elected and about 65% confidence in the White House. Now, why do you suppose that is,? — Chuck.

"There are no winners in this matter," Grassley said in a written statement. "As I see it, a pox on both their houses." He was referring to the Congress here, I suppose, not the FBI and the Justice Department — which by the way is ONE "house."

Then we have newcomer Senator Judd Gregg of New Hampshire – a state that no one ever visits for more than a couple of days. "The conflict of interest is so thoroughly obvious," he says. "Anything she does cannot be viewed as objective. This is especially true as the FBI has found itself in an untenable conflict of interest because it is being directed by political appointees of President Clinton to investigate other political appointees."

Hey, nitwit, did you ever think that most people in the world are in conflict because they owe their jobs, position, future and most everything else to at least one other person? Does that make them all untrustworthy and eager to break the law? Gregg would like a country where the FBI could just run around helter-skelter "investigating" anyone or anything they chose — even on a whim?

But there's more. "It's not healthy for the law enforcement agencies to be put in this position," Judd adds. "It undermines their credibility as fair arbiters of facts which they are supposed to be." Arbiters of facts? Gee, where did that come from. People living in the ghetto might say "inventers of facts" which might be more true.

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