Will Reno Be Gored?

Senate Majority "Neater" Trent Lott (R-MS) said it was "tragic" that Reno decided against an independent council in the campaign fund-raising case. In a statement, he said her decision was "pre-ordained" because the investigation focused on a "minute aspect" of the case, rather than "the whole pattern of patently illegal actions."

Tragic? Patently illegal? Does Lott believe Americans are that stupid. Of course, he is from Mississippi – land of the illiteratti. So maybe he does believe he can stand in his office, ironing his shirts like a teenage priss, and make up moronic statements which he thinks most anyone will buy.

Dan Burton
Indiana Republican Dan Burton, who is truly so unstable that even Speaker Gingrich has had to put watchdog house members on his campaign finance committee, plans to "grill" Reno and FBI Director Louis Freeh who wants to expand the probe. Reno better wear body armor and a fire suit because Burton is most infamous for shooting at watermelons, in his Indiana backyard, shaped like Vince Foster's head. Why? To prove that Bill and Hillary Clinton had Foster murdered. So when Burton says he gonna "grill you", you better grab the matches and run.

"We anticipate next Tuesday that we will have both Louis Freeh and the attorney general come before our committee to explain their differences so that we can understand why they have these differences and also the American people will know," said Burton.

That was bright.

But what if Reno refused to appear? And she could, citing her reluctance to discuss ongoing investigations in public and certainly with Chairman Burton who would be considered "unstable" by Jeffrey Dahmer and a national security risk by Ethyl Rosenberg. FBI insiders already are saying that Freeh won't discuss the task force's operations with Burton — a target for investigation himself for shaking down a lobbyist for Pakistan and threatening to ruin his career if he didn't give Burton $5-10,000 immediately.

Burton, just as everyone thought, will end up looking like a fool once again. Freeh and Reno will show up, but say nothing and allow Burton to rant on — sealing his destiny to be voted out of office come November. Already, there are reports of a growing, but small movement in his Indiana home district to recall him. Of course, those are the smarter people, who aren't really a big enough ratio of his constituency to do him damage.

Saying he was "disappointed" with Reno and calling her decision a "tragic mistake," Burton said, "The American people have a right to know why they have this blanket of secrecy over the White House, and I intend to get to the bottom of it."

Oops there's that "tragic" word again. Wonder who settled on that "message?"

Tragic is Kent State, tragic is the stupid pose of not letting the President make phone calls from the White House, his house, no matter which room he's in. The same goes for the House and Senate. Let them call openly rather than close those mahogany doors.

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