Tucker Carlson, (STILL) Stealth Hate Monger

But this transcript from Tony Snow’s Fox News Sunday tells the story of Tucker Carlson and who he is:


Thanks to Fox News Sunday for this transcript!


Sunday, December 22, 1996

Mr. TUCKER CARLSON (Weekly Standard): Dr. Kissinger, you’ve been one of the most consistent voices urging the United States not to take a confrontational tone toward China, and yet since 1989, China has become both more repressive internally and more aggressive toward its neighbors, most notably Taiwan.

I’m wondering what the advantages are of continuing this sort of Cold War policy of not confronting China. How exactly do we benefit from laying off and not pushing the–the Chinese for concessions on, for instance, trade and human rights?

Translation: Those commies bastards are repressing their people and not obeying the American Way. They’re trying to take Taiwan back and even though we don’t recognize Taiwan as a nation that’s bad because we have a lot of investments there. Why don’t we bomb Beijing, and what’s the good of preaching free trade and human rights to a bunch of pinkos?

Dr. KISSINGER: That is–that is not my–you have not stated my view exactly accurately. I’m saying that we need an overall policy towards Asia. And in that overall policy, China, by its size, by its history, by its impact on its neighboring countries, will play a significant role. I do not favor confrontations which we then reverse and which cannot be related to a–to a long-term policy. Again, I have no objections to a–to asserting our interests on the issue of trade. And on the issue of human rights, we have to balance any one issue against the long-term evolution in China, which I believe has led to a greater degree of well-being for the population, though the human rights issue is–is far from settled. I’m asking for establishing the thing in a–in an overall relationship and not to believe that in Asia, if we conduct confrontation accords on our own, we will not be tot–totally isolated. And that’s what I’m trying to avoid.

Translation: What are you, a moron?

TONY SNOW: Topic number one, the Oakland, Ca–the Oakland, California, public schools are now going to teach Ebonics, which is a ba–a black English they’re going to recognize as a parallel language to English. Your reaction, Tucker Carlson?

Mr. CARLSON: Well, I think it sounds like something the Klan thought up. I mean, this is–you know, it’s like saying, `OK, don’t speak intelligible En–English. You’ll never get a job. I mean, this is–this is a language where nobody knows how to conjugate the verbs. I mean, it’s ridiculous, and I think it shows once again that the most dangerous group in America are public school administrators who would push something like this.

Translation: Why should we teach them how to talk using their own language first. I mean they’ll never get off welfare if they can’t speak my kind of English. Even I can conjugate verbs. Pandering to Blacks is a joke. I think we should abolish public schools so everyone who is deserving can go to fancy prep schools.

SNOW: Do you buy that, Tony Coelho?

Mr. COELHO: I don’t buy the last comment…

Translation: What is he, a moron?

SNOW: Are you telling me also that there is any parallel between the allegations against Jim Wright and those against Newt Gingrich?

Mr. COELHO: Well, it’s a question if–of: Are you pursue–were you pursuing money for some interest? It’s obvious here that the issue is–is money. The issue was Newt was trying to get money into the political system in a way that you couldn’t do it otherwise. And it was creative. You went through a tax exempt foundation…

Mr. CARLSON: Oh, wait. Hold on. He wasn’t getting the political system. He was giving it to some dippy college course in Georgia. I mean…

Translation: Uh oh! I’d better change the subject, Coelho’s getting too close to the truth. Maybe if I embarrass Newt by calling his course “dippy” they won’t suspect I’m his whore.

Mr. CARLSON: It was a very dangerous college course, I agree.

Translation: That course was a bad joke.

Mr. COELHO: Yeah.

Mr. CARLSON: But I think that the–the–the point that is– Tony’s making is that, you know, Gingrich has admitted to something, the president hasn’t. And that is the very point–is that Gingrich has had some ridiculous, tiny violation having to do with 501-C3 tax law. Nobody can understand it and he admits it and Clinton has had arms deals…

Translation: Gingrich got away with murder by copping plea on a federal felony, but that doesn’t leave him off the hook for future indictment by Reno. I know…I’ll call it a “tiny violation” to launder money through a charity…that’ll throw them off. Yeah, and then I’ll change the focus to Clinton.

SNOW: But one of…

Mr. COELHO: Everything is tidy–everything is tidy when a Republican does it and it’s major when a Democrat does.

Mr. CARLSON: No, I’m not saying that.

Translation: Yes I am.

SNOW: Very quickly, this was a great week for media bashers. ABC TV lost a second liable case, this one involving Food Lion grocery stores. What does this mean?

Mr. CARLSON: Well, it means that people hate the press, and I think, for a good reason. I mean, we’re obnoxious and arrogant and horrible in a lot of ways. On the other hand, ABC didn’t do anything wrong, which is to say it didn’t run anything that was untrue. And so I think it’s very dangerous to put Freedom of the Press, guaranteed by the Constitution, in…

Translation: Who gives a damn about Food Lion, I’m making some money being a hateful little jerk and I’m proud of it. So I’ll defend ABC — I shop at DC’s Social Safeway anyway.

Mr. CARLSON: Well, there ought to be a law then, only positive news. I mean, come on, you can’t control us. The First Amendment control–I mean, guarantees it.

Translation: So there!


Mr. CARLSON: Gingrich gets unanimous support from House Republicans the 7th of January. He gets a reprimand from the Ethics Committee, and he becomes the most silent speaker in American history for the next six months.

Wrong again, eh, Tucker?

By the way: how did your parents decide to give you that name? It’s creepy.