Tucker Carlson, (STILL) Stealth Hate Monger

Other notable Carlson “journalistic endeavors” include “Al Gore’s Globaloney”, which criticizes Gore saying that global warming is a “complicated scientific question, but not in the White House’s book.”

Carlson again appeals to his constituency — big business polluters who’ve excited and enticed him with their “power.”

Carlson also irresponsibly attacks the former Vice-President Al Gore, claiming, in error, that he has broken campaign finance laws.

Carlson argues that without a conviction, the effects of such charges will be small on the vice-president’s intentions to run for president in the next presidential election.

Well, one can’t argue with that assumption. Carlson qualifies Gore’s complacent attitude by indicating that in the end, it will be Gore who will have to answer the questions, and everybody will be listening.

Nothing could be farther from the truth, and even a wet-behind-the ears tyro like Carlson knows it. Carlson hasn’t a scintilla of proof showing any wrongdoing by Gore and knows full well that this issue will be dead well before Tucker lands on Fox News door at 4 a.m. to start his short workday.

Everyone in Washington knows Carlson for what he is, and what he is not. What he is, is a bought and paid for journo-thug whose target was Al Gore and is now Brack Obama, The Clintons, Health Care for the Poor. Besides his pathetic little pieces criticizing the Vice President for not showing up at some Earth summit, Carlson was constantly heard calling Gore a criminal

In a Weekly Standard cover story, “The Real Al Gore,” Carlson provides a shockingly false profile of the vice-president. He writes that Gore’s press conference to explain his role in the growing fund-raising scandals stunned a lot of reporters.

Sure. I submit it would take a lot more than that to shock those people.

Carlson spews that it allowed them to see a side of Al Gore which “has escaped detection” for so long. Hmmmm — sounds mysterious. Again, no beef. Is that like you Tucker?

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