Tucker Carlson, (STILL) Stealth Hate Monger

In his heart-rending and misleading article titled “Why Max Deserves a Life,” Colson says aborting DS stricken fetuses is eugenics and cites Carlson who wrote about Republican-bludgeoned Dr. Jocelyn Elders — a black woman, of course:

“Here was a public health official praising ‘the eugenic utility of abortion,’ ” notes Tucker Carlson in the Weekly Standard.

But Carlson’s sick logic offers no discussion with DS kids themselves who grow to adulthood in underfunded “cages” under-supplied them by the conservatives he defends.

As Carlson put it, in a time when people with Down’s syndrome can live lives that are “strikingly normal,” they have been “targeted for elimination.”

Thank God they haven’t been targeted Tucker. Your own wonderful child wouldn’t be here – but your crashing in on other’s speaks harshly about you – espeially because you did not tell us about him.

I’d say that’s journalism in its highest form, wouldn’t you? After all, people with Downs Syndrome really do lead strikingly normal lives. They don’t attend regular schools, they’re most-often incontinent. They can’t drive or often date. They rarely marry and regularly die at a very young age.

But Tucker, bleeding heart conservative that he is, want s to preserve his opportunity to “feel good” about himself, much as Martha Stewart wants to make you guilty for not baking fresh Armenian bread every day of the week.

In defense of Carlson, he was a Bradley Scholar — whatever that is.

Carlson is also a cop lover. Well, so am I, after all I represented about 30,000 of them in my time.

But Tucker takes it to an extreme and really insults police by writing stories lauding rent-a-cops as the answer to public tranquility.

He cites neighborhood watch groups like the Grand Central Partnership based in New York City where property owners are taxed an additional 12.5 cents per square foot to:
-hire private street sweepers/trash collectors;
-purchase garbage cans/street lights/flower boxes;
-hire multi-lingual tour guides; O
-open “drop-in centers” to feed the homeless;
-AND, most important to hire uniformed security guards.

You see, Carlson thinks that having your own private police force is the answer to hunger and poverty in America.

“Keep ’em out of your neighborhood and you’ll be able to live like a white man” seems to be Carlson’s neatly-conceited philosophy.

As Carlson emphasized, “if the results of these private firms are any indication, this sort of policing can help restore community life-keeping everyone less busy worrying about crime and more busy building families and neighborhoods.”

Translation: Hire private thugs with no training who’ll keep minorities and other felons off YOUR streets so you can drive an expensive car and pump out more white kids. If you want to see these rental cops in action just walk north on Madison Avenue from, let’s say, 59th Street up to 80th East.¬†

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