Tucker Carlson, (STILL) Stealth Hate Monger

Carlson gets personal again in his second letter to Brock, who wrote about his exile in Esquire. He actually counted how many times Brock referred to himself in his first reply to Tucker and admonishes him for his lack of attack or defense of conservative ideology — whatever that is.

Tucker also thinks Gingrich is the cat’s pajamas. He says this about “His Ferociousness,” the Speaker:”Newt Gingrich, as close to a Mother Teresa as conservatism has…”

Carlson may be right that Newt is a female nun behind closed doors , but which conservatives does he speak of, the Taliban?

Carlson is nothing much more than a hired stooge for the Republican Party — and there’s nothing wrong with that. After all, most television and print journalists have become GOP whores or pseudo whores since the RNC takeover of Congress. under Mother Gingrich They know where their bread is buttered.

His cover? The Weekly Standard — (I call that rag the Weakly Non-Standard) which openly criticizes Newt Gingrich and other “conservatives” who don’t toe the Hitlerian line.

So, Carlson can say he’s open minded by staffing the Standard yet continue to make his name attacking women like Hillary Clinton and, full of awe, respecting media-hyped events like the Promise Keepers rally which he — guilt-ridden — thought was moving.  

“Did Carlson masturbate there are later”, said a friend in the music business.

Attending the rally, Tucker wrote — again to Slate — criticizing his fellow journalists for being bored to death with Christian breast beating. Yet for Fox News he beats his little, now saggy, breast for Jesus at every chance.  It’s for the money – which is good for his family.

He says he had to remind himself that the men there “weren’t crazy” and rationalizes this by pointing out that the group had “… bikers, pudgy middle managers from the Middle West, and [read between the lines] a surprisingly large number of Black Men… . ”

yes, Tucker – “surprisingly” – do you mean “suspiciously”

Why surprising, Tucker? Aren’t blacks capable of being hoodwinked by Christian hucksters?

Tucker opines that Promise Keepers operates under the assumption that repentance is good and that they’re right, but he fails to see the most obvious PK ploy used by thousands of snake-oil salesmen, most recently by EST leader Warner Erhard back in the 1970s: keep them guilty, hungry and mad and you can convince them of anything.

Hitler knew that well.

Carlson reveals himself even more, writing, “Men are pigs. If you only knew what was going through our minds a lot of the time.”

Really, Tucker? Tell us more.

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