Tucker Carlson, (STILL) Stealth Hate Monger

Anyway, I fired off copies of Carlson’s e-mail to the Heritage Foundation, the White House and the Weekly Standard — for openers. Sometime today we’ll get around to faxing it to the FBI, which frowns on such language in uninvited discourse, and then to most House Republicans and as many Christian Coalition-type leaders and organizations we can find.

It will be fun.

Tucker’s suicidal note reminded me of my own boarding school antics. Only difference is, Carlson is in his late 40s and we were 14.

Sitting down reading his e-mail gave me the impetus to find out more about him.

So I wandered into my computer and pulled out searches on Mr. Carlson. Thought I’d familiarize you with his pap.

Here’s one possible explanation for his note this morning:

“I just like to fight, and I think he does too. It’s fun to throw nasty letters back and forth.”
Tucker Carlson, Weekly Standard reporter, on his war of letters in Slate with fellow conservative journalist David Brock.

slat log0
…prints a lot of Tucker’s crap.

Curious to see his wordy fight with Brock, I found the letters they exchanged in a back issue of “Slate” — the best general web-zine on the Internet.

Carlson, a self-appointed watchdog for the book burners , took on David Brock in a series of two exchanged letters regarding Brock’s problems with the conservative elite in Washington who locked Brock out of their petty “inner circle” doings after his book on Hillary Clinton failed to immolate her. Brock found he actually liked and respected the First Lady, and surrendered his visa to a variety of “American Nationalist” dinners, teas, and plotting sessions because of it.

Tucker writes to Brock about Grover Norquist — a truly disgusting character — and the head of the RNC front group Americans for Tax Reform. Norquist evidently began a whispering campaign on Brock (a favorite neonazi¬†tactic) for “helping the other team.” He also mentions that mega-liar Oliver North and Nixonite G. Gordon Liddy (one of my favorite sexually confused entertainers) barred Brock from their radio shows, and then Carlson cleverly, albeit underhandedly, “re-outs” Brock as being gay by quoting Brock himself.

What a piece of work.

Carlson tells Brock he’s “disingenuous” in his feeling that he is unfairly attacked by the right and left undefended by the left for his scathing book on Anita Hill.

Tucker himself calls Norquist “a mean-spirited, humorless, dishonest little creep.” Don’t we all hate most in others what we loathe in ourselves? Tucker goes on to call Norquist a “repulsive, drunken uncle everyone wishes would stay home.”

But then Carlson shows his own true, some would say power-inebriate, effeminate, viciousness — attacking Brock for having a desk at the American Spectator as a “high-paying, low-obligation” job. He also accuses Brock of getting “rich from a book that didn’t sell.”

Only a cretin, or me on this day, would publicly attack a man on personal and private grounds — especially one who feels isolated from his former friends simply for telling the truth as he sees it.

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