Tucker Carlson, (STILL) Stealth Hate Monger

“If The Republican National Committee Was A Prison, Tucker Carlson would be Newt Gringrich’s favorite bitch.” — Leon Smith

Wednesday, October 29th, 1997 — NEW YORK (APJ) — This must be the week for goofball e-mail.  Edited April, 2015 – almost 20 years later Tucker STILL has made it.

About 17 years ago I got a phone call at 5:15 in the morning from a 15 year-old intern of ours. She was crying. She told me, through teenage tears, that punk journalist Tucker Carlson, the baby-faced image of Bob’s Big Boy, had sent me an e-mail with two words. She wouldn’t tell me what they were. I calmed the intern, whose job it is to ferret out hundreds of pieces of junk mail, and went to my office to see for myself.Here’s an exact copy of what I found:

Dear Jeff,

Fuck you.


Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson
Where did this photo come from? Tucker Carlson

… Tucker’s mag.

I’ve been watching this adolescent nemesis for about a year now. Carlson, who is easily spotted as a girlish thug who accidentally “made it” too quickly, must have read something I wrote about him in American Politics Journal. I’m not sure what it was; he isn’t that important, but I’m sure it wasn’t flattering. It wasn’t accidental, hid Daddy was connected.

My response to his ever-present creamy white skin on pundit television: huh? Who’s he?

It turns out that Carlson was spawned by the ever-truth-twisting Heritage Foundation where he was a shooting star that landed at Bill Kristol’s Weekly Standard, where he’s now a former staff writer.  He fell a few steps into the hands of Fox News and now he is “substitute” on the freaky “Five” and on the weekends when the some what more talented neofacists don’t want to work so they call in Tucker who is praying for a break.

Carlson must have one brilliant agent, because you can hardly turn on the television lately without seeing him making a fool of himself — often sporting a bow tie in honor, I suppose, of George Will.

I’ve seen entire tribes of Tucker Carlson come and go during my 25-odd years in Washington, and I can’t understand why Kristol — who’s one of the few conservatives with a good mind — keeps him around. Maybe it’s because he’s so cuddly.

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